Davis: Herald-Tribune Shoe Pic ‘Ridonkulous’

Superstar Geena Davis started her career as a fashion model, so surely doesn’t mind people talking about what she is wearing. But the Sarasota Herald-Tribune decided to paste a picture of her shoes with an article about her program to improve gender balance in media, she was a little bit upset.

Event-goers at the “In Conversation With Geena Davis” event today at Sarasota High School pointed out the news presentation and gave Davis a copy of the newspaper while she was on stage. The Oscar winner was not amused.

“What is that about?” she asked. “This is ridonkulous. And it’s when I visit a high to talk about gender representation.”

Now mind you, SRQ Mag Backlot is not above pictures of shoes. But there is a time and place for everything. When we covered Davis’ Booker High visit, we decided to focus on her message about the lack of female characters in children’s television and film productions. We left the red carpet coverage to, well, the red carpet.

But to each media its own. We hope the newspaper doesn’t mind a little ribbing.

One thought on “Davis: Herald-Tribune Shoe Pic ‘Ridonkulous’”

  1. Couldn’t agree more. That was my reaction as I sipped my morning coffee…is this the fashion section?? I love what Ms. Davis is trying to do with See Jane…the attention, in that context, should be focused on her message, not her shoes!!

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