Beginners is something to behold

I had the pleasure of watching a press screening of Mike Mills’ new film Beginners yesterday afternoon. With high expectations, I sat silently as Mills’ largely autobiographical story washed over me, floored by the amount of pure humanity and heart Mills has poured into the film.

Based loosely on Mills’ own life, Beginners is a film about fathers and sons, sons and mothers, boys and girls, and about the humbling terror of love, the difficulty of commitment, and about loneliness. There are two-three Oscar worthy performances in the film, by the absolutely stunning Melanie Laurent, Ewen McGregor and Christopher Plummer.

I don’t want to get into plot or characters or really give anything away  as the film is worth experiencing without any preconceptions. Beginners is a sweet, sincere, redemptive love story, perhaps the greatest love story since Say Anything. It is authentic. It is the genuine article. I can not recommend the film more highly. Go see it.

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