Friday’s Target: Europe and New York

When the videographers at Target Video saw the punk movement head east, they followed, capturing some of the most incredible moments in the movement on video cassette back when everyone scoffed at using anything but film.

Yesterday, SRQ Mag Backlot let you know the incredible scenes which would appear in the Los Angeles presentation by Target Video in their first screening. But what will there be tonight? Joe Rees was fast to mention a legendary performance by Bauhaus in London.

Bauhaus, via Wikipedia

You can also expect classic video footage of legends like Iggy Pop and the Ramones as they overtake the Big Apple.

But some of the best moments tonight as opposed to other screenings will be in watching the viral spread of punk across the pond. Jackie Sharp recalls taking having promoters overseas beg her to bring albums to just give away as the youth of England, Germany and Italy fell in love with the sound.

Target Video: NY/Europe screens at 9:15pm.

Don’t know what all the fuss is about? Read our earlier coverage of Target Video and their exciting connections to the Sarasota area here.

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