Afternoon Conversation

Brasserie Belge, teasing me with its garlicky aroma on this sunny afternoon, is home of the Filmmakers Lounge for SFF. I sat down with seven of this years talented filmmakers and discussed what sparked their interests in filmmaking, which consequently brought them to Sarasota, and then to my little table downtown.

The unanimous and seemingly universal theme in the world of film is: ‘I had a story.’ Film, from my newfound understanding (for which I am sincerely grateful), is a microcosmic world in which large stories can breed. Striking a chord with the populous is not an easy thing to do; messaging the masses is nearly impossible without filmmaking. That’s why the makers of films like To.Get.Her (Erica Dunton) and Welcome to Shelbyville (Kim Snyder) do what they do. Both of these women explain their need to reach people and effect them. They develop a world for a story to take place in–a world distant enough from reality, but close enough to connectivity. From Mangrove Slasher 2 (Sean Haitz) to Benavides Born (Amy Wendel), every filmmaker has a (totally interesting) story to tell.

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