Thursday’s Target: Los Angeles

All Sarasota fans of punk rock must attend at least one of the Target Video presentations screening at the Hollywood 20 over the next three days. But what can you expect every given day? That, my friends is what SRQ Mag Backlot is here for.

We sat down today with the trio of punk videographers – Jill Hoffman-Kowal, Joe Rees and Jackie Sharp – behind the archival treasures and asked what the great moments would. Of course, Jackie noted that it really depends on what bands you like the most.

For tonight, though, lovers of Devo are in for a special treat as early footage of the New Wave group gets screened. The footage happens to be the first footage by Target shot on high-quality video equipment just as the video outlet was seeing its own success.

Album art for Devo Live

Shot in Target Video’s studios, the footage is an exciting taste of work, according to Hoffman-Kowal. Another highlight, Black Flag circa the Henry Rollins era perform shows at some of L.A.’s classic venues.

Black Flag, via Wikipedia

“Black Jack at the Target studios is amazing,” Hoffman-Kowal gushes. “Circle Jerks aren’t bad either.”

During our interview, the trio talked about his Target Video was such a part of the punk movement in the late ’70s and early ’80s that Rollins would often roll into town and use Target as his base of operations. Learn more by going to the screening tonight at 9:15pm.

If you don’t already know about Target Video, check out our past coverage on the California-based videographers and how this exhibition of their work ended up at the Festival this year.

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