Last Night to See Slashers

Sean Haitz and Chris Potter, the Sarasota filmmakers who boasted to SRQ Mag Backlot early on about their horror flick Mangrove Slashers 2, came early to the Cinema Tropicale event. That way they can get in and out before the final Festival screening of their film at 9:45.

The film comes in at just under an hour of kitsch horror power. “For anyone who loves the slasher films of the ’80s, this is perfect,” says Haitz.

In fact, the filmmakers tell us the film has already been accepted for Gorefest, another Sarasota festival on April 23 which will focus only on the bloodiest cinema. Following its premier here, the film has also been submitted to other festivals for consideration.

“Our intention really from the start was to get it to the Sarasota Film Festival first,” Potter says.

The two note the film has been edited a little bit since it was first accepted to the Sarasota Film Festival. There is not more blood and more boob. Let that tell you everything you need to know about whether this is the right movie for you.

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