How to Ride a … Train?


While shorts generally get less attention than many of the feature length films at the Festival, they still draw pretty significant crowds. A showing of the short films included in the Through Women’s Eyes lineup this year packed a theater this afternoon, and offered attendees the chance to meet with stars of several of the brief-but-compelling pieces.

Tamar Kummel, the star of “How to Ride a Train,” a film which is about, well, riding a train, but somehow seems like a lesson on how to ride something else. Kummel revealed to the crowd that the 6-minute film was shot in a single day on a rented antique train. She told SRQ all of her filming was done in about three to four hours. “I was very happy by the end.” The train itself is apparently a bit of a tourist attraction itself. An audience member revealed she had ridden that train before, to which Kummel shot back an amusing “Say what now?”

Sayer Frey, the writer and director for “Abandon Me”, should already be familiar to readers of this blog, but met many fans at the theater and discussed the deeper meanings behind her 19-minute short. She discussed everything from the symbolism of roosters to the psychology of abused children as explored in the film.

Local filmmaker Amanda Ibasfalean was also there to discuss her experiences filming “Derby Girls: Inside the Bradentucky Bombers,” but we will give some special play to that local filmmaker later today.

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