Drawing International Talent? Check.

The short film “Checkpoint” has been accepted at film festivals from around the world, but the Sarasota Film Festival is the first one that filmmakers Ruben Amar and Lola Bessis have attended in person.

“We wanted to come to Florida,” explains Amar, the director of the film. The pair was living it up at the Cinema Tropicale event and basking in the type of outdoor event only enjoyable right now at a venue like the Sarasota Yacht Club.

The 19-minute film is about an 11-year-old Palestinian boy who tries to take on two Israeli soldiers at a checkpoint. Bessis, who co-wrote the film with Amar, says the piece is based on real life events happening in the Middle East. It was filmed at a genuine Israeli checkpoint.

Want to know more? Go to the screening at 2pm Thursday. The film is being shown before Welcome to Shelbyville. You could be part of the first audience to ever question the filmmakers after a screening.


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