Pancakes, anyone?

Saturday morning had me sitting in Sarasota High School’s cafeteria, gobbling up delicious pancakes from the Sun Garden Cafe during the Short Stacks Family Film Day. Not a bad start to my Film Fest filled day, I must admit. The pancakes, though they definitely helped me get out of bed before 8am on a Saturday, were not the only awesome thing about Short Stacks. The event featured several booths set up outside with exciting activities for kids to participate in. There was an animation center, complete with the Mac computer Sound Motion program and Canon Vixia camera, a “How to make a Thaumatrope” table, a Zoetrope-making stop, and a pinhole camera center. After a while I was on my way to the SHS Auditorium to watch some really fantastic student films, each one enjoyable in its own way. Ah, to be a kid again! (At least I got to pretend.)



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