More Than Ticker Tape

Director Brian Doyle had no idea when he filmed a short documentary about a ticker tape parade in New York in 2000 that he was documenting the last such event before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. He certainly didn’t realize that pictures of paper tape lighting on fire and flying toward the World Trade Center would become such a chilling image.

“It changed the meaning of the film, of course,” Doyle says.

The short documentary “Current” was already on the festival circuit in 2000 before the attacks, but became much a topic of conversation afterward. And its soon-to-chill imagery so fascinated Doyle he decided to do a remake of the documentary.

“Current (Reprise)” makes its world premier at 8pm Tuesday night before a screening of Five Weddings and a Felony. The 7-minute short, Doyle says, was shot in a single day in 2008, when New York finally held its first post-9/11 ticker tape parade.

Doyle tried to recreate every shot, but of course, there is a big absence where the WTC used to be. Like the first film, the picture is primarily about the bits of debris created by parades, but it is affected more consciously by the terrorist attacks. “You can’t make a movie downtown anymore that isn’t about 9/11,” he says.

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