Hall: Take Risks This Year

Some of the very best films screening at the Film Festival this year are ones that may not be perfectly suited to the Sarasota demographic, realizes Artistic Director Tom Hall. But that doesn’t mean they won’t entertain everybody with the bravery to get a ticket to the show.

“You don’t have to like heavy metal music to enjoy Last Days Here,” Hall says. “You don’t have to be a wrestling fan to enjoy Fake It So Real.”

Those two documentaries, Hall says, are among the best films being submitted to festivals right now. The former follows the rise and fall of ’70s metal band Pentagram, while the latter follows an amateur wrestling league in North Carolina as they bruise themselves for little to no pay. We got screeners of both films and were impressed. Read my take on Fake It So Real. Ashton Goggans will write up his thoughts on Last Days Here later today.

The big message Hall has for cinephiles this year is not to be intimidated by the subject matter.

“My main hope is that people take more risks in what they see. Get out of your comfort zone. We are encouraging risk-taking, and I am anxious to see if Sarasota supports this diverse selection of movies.”

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