Pageants, Mormons, Kidnappings… Typical Tabloid Fodder

When one imagines classic tabloid stories, they probably first think of celebrities, and maybe then of alien babies. But for time in the 1970s, Wyoming beauty queen Joyce McKinney provided huge fodder by allegedly kidnapping and raping her Mormon boyfriend. You can see why the tabs could get tantalized by a story with so many sensational facets, but it has seemed a bit more puzzling why historical documentarian Errol Morris would make a film about McKinney and market it as a “love story.”

Why make the film? That was actually the subject of an article in The Economist a few months ago. Morris said then that the film was “a meditation on how we are shaped by the media and even more powerfully, by ourselves.”

That article also said that when Morris screened the film for an NYU audience, McKinney showed up, heckling interview subjects during portions of the film and taking questions afterward. No word on whether we can expect such a visit to Sarasota, but we would sure love to be in the theater for that kind of live entertainment.

Whether she comes here or not, we did find a clip of McKinney at DOC NYC talking about the film. Based on the garb and geography, I think this may be from the same event described in the Economist article, but either way, enjoy this clip now and the screening of Tabloid on April 15 or 16 at the festival.

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