Page One: A Year Inside the New York Times

David Carr. Photo: Patrick McMullan, from New York Magazine

Tom Hall announced yesterday that the opening night film would be Page One: A Year Inside the New York Times, a film about, well, I think you can figure that out. It is rumored to be quite a telling documentary, showing the struggle facing journalists and newspapers around the world, even ones as ingrained in the world of news gathering and dissemination as The Gray Lady. The film focuses on the Media Desk of the Times, following both David Carr and Brian Stelter as they “tackle their beat.” Both will be in attendance.

In a related Times note and an example of the lengths they go to and risks they take to do the caliper of work the Times is known for, our thoughts go out the the four missing NYT journalists in Lybia: Pulitzer Prize-winner Anthony Shadid, MacArthur Genius Grant recipient Lynsey Addorio, reporter Stephen Farrel and renowned photojournalist Tyler Hicks, a Boston University graduate like our photo editor, Cat Pennenga, who considers Hicks “her hero.” Let us hope they are returned to safety unharmed as soon as possible.

The last known photo of the journalists, taken by Reuters photographer Paul Conroy, on Friday, March 11. They were covering conflict between rebels and government loyalists in Lybia.
One of Tyler Hicks' photos that earned him Newspaper Photographer of the Year from Picture of the Year International.

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