SRQ Takes You Behind The Scenes

SRQ Magazine for years has been the most reliable source of in-depth coverage of the Sarasota Film Festival each year. But for the first time this year, we are providing information on the lavish event in real time. On this new blog, SRQ Mag Backlot, we take you behind the scenes with the stars, filmmakers and dignitaries that will turn Sarasota into Sundance from April 7 through April 17.

Bookmark this page and come back frequently so you can learn where to see Geena Davis walk the red carpet, Christopher Plummer’s body of work get celebrated and Harry Connick, Jr., dazzle festival-goers. You will read interviews with the directors behind the many great documentary and narrative features screening at this year’s event.

And best of all, you get to see the festival from SRQ Magazine‘s point of view, from the backlot of the event looking out upon a world of wonder.

Thank you for joining us in this great experiment, and in the excitement of the Sarasota Film Festival.

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