Bradenton Arts Movieville Film Festival Brings Fest Vibe to Friendly City

With the Sarasota Film Festival barely in the rearview mirror, an upstart film festival looks to keep the celebration of cinema going in Southwest Florida. The inaugural Bradenton Arts Movieville Film Festival will kick off May 8 and run through May 18, bringing independent films with the likes of Jake Gyllenhaal to local screens and talent like actor Steven Bauer and Andrew Peterson to the region. Continue reading

Audio: Lawrence Michael Levine Talks Wild Canaries

With its inspiration in old Hollywood despite a contemporary setting,  Wild Canaries this year treated Sarasota Film Festival goers with a treat of a caper and love story. Director and star Lawrence Michael Levine spoke to us about why he made the film and what it was line working both sides of the camera. Continue reading


Audio: Tall, Evil and Hand-Drawn by Wally Chung

Without question, the animated world is becoming a glossy, 3-D-rendred universe. But Wally Chung likes his drawings unrefined, two-dimensional and a bit sloppy, which makes his short film Tall Evil all the more charming. The animator sat down with us and our media partners from WSRQ during his visit to the Sarasota Film Festival to discuss his love for a medium that demands weeks of work to create three minutes of footage. Continue reading

Audio: Michael Tully, Ping Pong Superstar

Before Sarasota was done with Michael Tully this year, he had two awards to bring home for his film Ping Pong Summer. Not a bad follow-up, since the festival also introduced him to his wife. Before skipping town for surely a temporary period, Tully sat down with us and our media partners from WSRQ to discuss the 20-year journey to bring Ping Pong to the screen. Continue reading

Your peek behind the scenes of Sarasota's growing film industry


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