Tom Hall Steps Down as Sarasota Film Festival Director

Tom Hall, director of the Sarasota Film Festival, is stepping down to take over as executive director of the Montclair Film Festival in New Jersey. Hall has spent a decade in a leadership position with the Sarasota festival, helping establish the organization’s reputation within the world of independent film. Continue reading

Festival Brings LGBT Cinema to Burns Court

FabulousIFFThe Fabulous Independent Film Festival today announced its 2014 dates, with films screening at Burns Court Cinema from August 22-24. The festival will kick off with an Opening Night Party at MADE. The event, now entering its fourth year, brings the best work from Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) film festivals in the United States, Canada and Europe.

“We are different from a regular film festival,” says founder Magida Diouri, Fabulous IFF founder. “We are trying to do some special things this year.

Continue reading


Karl and Rhonda Wilson Spill the Beans on Catching Junior Tate

Catching Junior Tate, the new action-comedy from filmmaking duo Karl and Rhonda Wilson, co-owners of 2DB Productions, takes the audience down the dusty trail from Florida to Mexico, where bounty hunters, crooked cops and mobster thugs vie for custody of the eponymous fugitive, Junior Tate, and his multi-carat cargo. Continue reading


Who is Ray Caster?

It began as a writing exercise by Marcus Alexander Hart. Caster served as a fictional alter-ego and Sarasota – where Hart spent most of the 90s – was his stomping grounds. A socially inept nerd hopelessly entranced by a beautiful free-spirited woman, Caster took to the web, soliciting advice from his real-life followers. The hoax lasted from 2004 to 2005, when Hart broke cover and turned his project into a novel, <i>Caster’s Blog – A Geek Love Story</i>, published in 2006.

Austin McKinley, playwright, novelist, director and old friend of Hart’s, wrote the first draft of a screenplay based on Caster’s Blog in 2007. Seven years, countless rewrites and one partnership with ManaSota Films later, McKinley has finished principal photography for a proof of concept short, filmed in Sarasota. Continue reading


Sanborn, Facing Lawsuit, Calls Sarasota ‘Dangerous Place to do Business’

Sanborn Studios executive are responding to news Sarasota County will sue the company with harsh words about the future of the region. “The County is sending a very clear message to all businesses that Sarasota is a dangerous place to do business,” said Kenneth Sanborn, CEO of Sanborn Studios. Continue reading


VIDEO: TriForce Captures Neon Circus on Film

Electronic music has sometimes had trouble finding its audience in Sarasota, but filmmakers from TriForce Pictures hope to change that with new video of the Neon Circus, a small festival held in September in Sarasota. “It was a two-day rave that started on Main Street in Downtown Sarasota, and then moved for a full day to Gulf Gate,” said TriForce founder Shaun Greenspan.  Continue reading

Shadows of Liberty_3

Shadows of Liberty Sheds Light on News Media Corruption, Suppression and Manipulation

Censorship. Distortion. Profit. And a group of people willing to put their jobs on the line to expose the corruption. It reads like the abstract of a corporate-political thriller, but in the context of filmmaker Jean-Philippe Tremblay’s 2012 documentary Shadows of Liberty, it’s more like a present-day red flag. Continue reading

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