Born and Raised Will Offer Taste of Florida at Bradenton Film Festival

With twenty-five festivals and seven awards to its name, Born and Raised is not only a successful veteran of the film festival circuit and a great tribute to the vistas of Gulf Coast Florida, but also an example of the ways in which Florida communities can help in the development of films. Born and Raised writer, lead actor and producer Nick Loritsch revealed how Florida has played a pivotal role in the film’s creation. Continue reading


Bradenton Arts Movieville Film Festival Brings Fest Vibe to Friendly City

With the Sarasota Film Festival barely in the rearview mirror, an upstart film festival looks to keep the celebration of cinema going in Southwest Florida. The inaugural Bradenton Arts Movieville Film Festival will kick off May 8 and run through May 18, bringing independent films with the likes of Jake Gyllenhaal to local screens and talent like actor Steven Bauer and Andrew Peterson to the region. Continue reading


Caníbal Is Eerily Captivating

The inaugural shot of Caníbal is suggestive of what is to follow. The frame is a long shot of a couple filling up at a gas station. Initially, you get the sense of voyeurism that will play throughout the film, but also, an impression of just how sophisticated is the director, Manuel Martín Cuenca. As the couple boards their wagon, a window rolls up in front of the camera placing the audience in Carlos’ point of view, making us the stalker. What ensues is a delicate and haunting love story, one that is unexpectedly touching.

Continue reading

Audio: Lawrence Michael Levine Talks Wild Canaries

With its inspiration in old Hollywood despite a contemporary setting,  Wild Canaries this year treated Sarasota Film Festival goers with a treat of a caper and love story. Director and star Lawrence Michael Levine spoke to us about why he made the film and what it was line working both sides of the camera. Continue reading

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